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Protect Your Assets - Reduce Your Taxes - Increase Your Wealth

  • It has been said that, "You make more money by saving on taxes than you do by making more money."
In this period of low interest rates, this is true. We concentrate on specialized techniques that help individuals and business owners legitimately shelter taxes to reduce cost and increase returns.
  • Additionally, most of our clients are more worried about the return of their principal than they are about the return on their principal.
While risk is everywhere, we work with our clients and provide them with risk mitigation structures built using a combination of insured, and tax preferential arbitrage strategies.
  • The last thing that anyone wants is to have a lifetime of wealth creation wiped out or diminished by a lawsuit.
We provide many of our clients with asset protection strategies designed to eliminate or mitigate predatory law suits against you and your business.

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"About 40 percent of medical malpractice lawsuits are groundless--meaning there is no evidence that a medical error was committed or that the patient suffered any injury." (Harvard School of Public Health).

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