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Leveraged Arbitrage Strategy

Are you faced with the proposition of depleting current assets to pay off a mortgage, loan, funding long-term care or purchasing a long-term care policy, purchasing a life insurance policy or simply providing lifetime retirement income. You may want to consider a strategy we call leveraged arbitrage.


Imagine the benefit of achieving your goals by purchasing products and services without having to liquidate an equal amount of assets. For example, if you need to pay off a mortgage or other loan (or even buy a house), purchase an insurance policy, or simply provide retirement income that you cannot outlive, a leveraged arbitrage strategy can help you achieve this without spending down your own assets.


The strategy consists of a number of processes you can set-up individually; then we string them together in a cohesive manner to provide you with a plan that is unique to your goals and objectives and that will multiply the purchasing power of your assets.



You will receive as part of your leveraged arbitrage strategy:


  • Increase profitability and cash flow;
  • Income and estate tax savings;
  • Assets Growth;
  • The opportunity to borrow money at a low rate and invest it at a higher rate;
  • The ability to have your assets do double duty by retaining the assets that you normally would have spent to purchase other financial products or pay down debt, and have them available and still working for you.
  • The opportunity to analyze and address tax implications and timing tax realization of your IRAs, annuities, and other assets that do not have a step-up in basis at death; and
  • The opportunity to remove assets that may be exposed to the Medicaid spend down.