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You make More money by saving on taxes than you make by making More money!

A $5,000,000 investment earning a return of 10% generates a taxable profit of $500,000. A 20% capital gains tax rate (goes in effect January 1, 2013) results in $100,000 of federal income tax. You have a choice of whether you want to pay it or shelter it.
Saving that tax and reinvesting it for 10 years results in an additional gain to you and your family of $2,012,491 and half of that amount if you only receive 5%.

Remember, using the highest tax bracket, you had to make $1.50 to invest a $1.00 after taxes.

Tax Sheltering Opportunities


We provide tax mitigation and tax sheltering opportunities for equipment, real estate and life insurance, in addition to income and estate taxes.



Using Bargain and Installment Sale Rules